A modern wine bar situated in the center of Bucharest with over 200 labels of wine paired with tasty bites and good stories and music.


If you enjoy talking about wine and beyond, then the high chairs in front of the bar are the right pick for you. The bartenders are always willing to talk to you. If you want a more intimate place, then a small table is sure your happy place. And if you feel the need to share delightful stories and delicious wines with new people, then the middle table is best suited for you. 🙂


We have a selection of over 200 wine labels, both Romanian and International, in several serving options: tasting glass, normal glass or a full bottle. Romanian wines fill a big part of our shelves because our desire is to open up a delicious world of wines undiscovered by many people yet. Because the truth is that Romanian wineries produce great wine and we want to share it to many people as possible. But don`t worry – we serve as well wine cocktails and other beverages.


When it comes to food, we think tapas are best whether enjoyed alone and paired with a glass of wine or accompanied by good conversation. So, we made a selection of the best Romanian charcuterie, International & Romanian cheeses, tasty spreads with freshly baked bread, all paired with our premium wines.

“Awesome place, in a very cool building, with old-new architecture, with an impressive variety of wines but fair prices - the most common wines which you find everywhere here are incredible cheap. The nicest waitress, very friendly and cheerful. Definitely you should drink a glass of good wine here!”

Ralu Popescu

“Friendly staff, always on the lookout for your well-being, making sure you are hydrated and that your glass does not stay empty for too long. Excellent side food to go with the wine. Definitely worth going to!"

Paul Irofti

A great selection of wines, breads and plates. The hosts were very warm and accommodative. The music was also great for the ambiance. Would definitely visit this wine bar again.

Lesego Loate

One of my favourite places in Bucharest. Great location, great wine and service.

Georgiana Bodas

Contact Us:

George Enescu 11-11A
(Enescu 11 Building, between Oriflame and McCann PR)

Email: hello@wineful.ro
Phone: 0371 472 287

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 16:00- 23:00
Friday-Saturday: 16:00-03:00